Saturday, 9 April 2016

Chinese for Adults

Chinese for Adults

Join us with Creative Edu® Chinese for Adults. Take pleasure in learning a new language rich with five thousand years’ worth of culture, literature and philosophy. Improve your career prospects or business opportunities by taking the advantage of more than one billion speakers worldwide within the international or local regions. Make your travels more meaningful by being able to communicate in the language not only in the Republic of China and Taiwan, but also in many other countries with Chinese speakers like Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore and many more!

Creative Edu® Chinese for Adults provides a comprehensive syllabus all the way from Beijing to help non-speakers of the language learn the language systematically and effectively.

Creative Edu® Chinese for Adults course content includes:
  • Common phrases for everyday conversations under different situations
  • Pinyin (Character Pronunciation)
  • Bishun (Character Writing)
  • Sentence Structures
  • Vocabulary
  • Development of reading, writing, listening and speaking skills

Creative Edu® also offers:
  • FREE placement test to match students with suitable course levels.
  • Passionate, professional and creative teachers to make learning effective and fun.
  • Interactive teaching through group tasks, multimedia presentations and informative learning.
  • Conducive classroom environments for an enjoyable learning experience.

When students complete their levels in the Creative Edu® Chinese for Adults courses, they can choose to sit for the Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi or HSK Chinese Proficiency Test for an extra challenge. Passing the test will entitle students to certificates by Hanban. For more information about the HSK tests, please visit Hanbanwebsite.

Contact us now for more information about Creative Edu® Chinese for Adults.

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